Inspiring People to Share Their Life on Facebook Again.

Share more love. Share more laughs. Share more life with the people who matter most. Share more because Stories are ephemeral, so people are inclined to share more frequently. Less social pressure. Less sharing fatigue. More allowing your Facebook family to stay tuned into your life. Emotionally and psychologically, Stories brings us more together.

Director: Stephan Malik
Agency: Creative X

Director of Photography: Ben Mullen
Cinematography: Stephan Malik, Ben Mullen

Production Designer: Tye Whipple

Editor: Mandy Brown, Stephan Malik
Post Producer: Jamie Baker, Darren Hummel

Telecine: Lookwell
Telecine Artist: Loren White

Casting: Good People
Casting Director: Cindy Estada

Creative Director, Creative X: Garrett Jones
Creative Director, Creative X: Daniel Illic
Creative Director, CM: David Sullivan
Art Director: Tracey Chan
Copywriter:  Kurt Warner
Producer, CM: Mat Lancaster
Executive Producer, Blake Heal